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Let's be Real

Life is hard. Sometimes life is scary. Sometimes it knocks you on your booty. And sometimes you need someone to come alongside you and help dust you off and get you back on your feet. That's what I do. Together let's restore balance. Let's discover your passion. Let's bring peace into your chaos.


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How I can help you

If you've never worked with a life coach before, you might wonder how in the world this might help you and how it works. In our sessions together we chat about the struggles you are facing in your life. Sometimes it can feel like your relationships are broken. Sometimes you just aren't sure how to find a sense of wellness for yourself. Sometimes you are just feeling so overwhelmed with all of the things you have to deal with you aren't even sure where to begin! We talk through what is happening and how to get to the root of those challenges. We determine what you are longing for and how to acheive it. Together we can discover what you want, what you need and foster a deep sense of peace within your heart and home. 

Yoga by the Ocean
Best Friends


"I am very grateful for the conversations I had with Suzy regarding some challenges I had been experiencing with my teenage son.
She listened to my frustrations carefully, asked probing questions that helped me to think more deeply and consider possibilities that I hadn’t thought of prior to our session.
Before our session I was struggling with helping my son make wise decisions while respecting his developing autonomy.
Suzy really helped me talk and think through the reasons behind my expectations of him and for him. She helped me balance my hopes and dreams for him with his desires for himself.
After our session, I was able to have better, more meaningful and productive conversations with my son. I could encourage him without domineering him. Our relationship is better because of Suzy’s insights.
I would highly recommend working with Suzy to grow in your relationship with your teen. I know she helped me tremendously."

Shelley O.

"I would highly recommend Suzy Jahn, Life Coach. I had been experiencing feelings of inadequacy; you know, feeling like I wasn't good enough or as good as others. Sometimes those feelings come when you get older. The session was very easy. I felt comfortable, and I did not feel judged. Suzy asked relevant questions to guide the conversation along. After the session, I felt much better about myself, and it really helped me get past those feelings of inadequacy! I'm so glad I went ahead and engaged with Suzy in a coaching session. I recommend you give Suzy a try.

Linda D.

"When I came to Suzy for a coaching session, I was wanting to connect in a deeper way with my teenager and other daughters. I was feeling on edge with my teen's attitude and way of communicating with me. I knew I needed to change my perspective and method to come alongside of my daughter instead of butting heads. Through our session, Suzy and I talked about what was getting in the way of connecting with my daughter and how grow together with my daughters in a deeper way during our set aside mom/daughter dates. It was helpful for me to be heard, identify the challenges, and come up with a concrete plan with Suzy. I would definitely recommend meeting with Suzy."

Rebekah K.

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