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My Story


So, who is Suzy Jahn, anyway?

I'm Suzy. Life Coach. Personal development aficionado. Fitness Enthusiast. Deeply spiritual being. Widow. Mom to four.

My life journey has been fraught with challenges that could easily have broken me. As my kids entered the teen years, it felt like I might literally break into a million pieces with all of the stress of helping them through these challenging years on top of managing the other bazillion things vying for my attention. Then in the thick of it, my husband died. It is only by the grace of God that I am standing here today the woman I am. The lessons I have learned and the experiences I have overcome ignited a desire deep within me to help other people who are seeking wholeness in their relationships and for themselves. And so, I humbly offer my guidance to other travelers on this wearying journey we call #momlife. It would be my greatest honor to empower you as you nagivate the this crazy thing called life and help you discover the peace you long for inside yourself as well as in your home.

The Process

The first step is to schedule a complementary discovery session. We chat. We get to know each other and we determine if this is a good fit. If so, we begin to discover what you want/need from your life and how to move forward to where you want to be. We will talk about what it is you are hoping to see happen and what stands in your way from acheiving it. This is your life, I am just here to help along the way.

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